R.Srinivasan, LIC, Boss of Mr. Sridhar Sir, 4G Tulsi.

Dear Mr Sridhar,

It was nice meeting you in the morning near Srirangam Temple. I am sure the Tulasi will bring the desired effect on the environment to save human lives .Otherwise human beings will carry cylinders on the back for fresh air. The thoughtful actions like this will save human lives from misery to loom large in future

With regards


R.Ashoka.K, Head-Agronomy Dept, naturalremedy.com

Dear Mr. Balasubramanyan,

It was nice to talking to you and we are grateful to you as you are working on the Nobel cause of the world. We were not knowing about the Oxygen & Ozone generating capacity of Tulsi except medicinal & aromatic values.
As I explained over phone, we are the pioneer in manufacturing of herbal veterinary products in India and exports several standardized herbal extracts to many companies. We consume nearly 250-300 MT of dried Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum ) leaves in our products.
Since you are planning to promote for environmental cause, it will be restricted to only pot culture or to max home garden level. If you include commercial aspects in your promotion, large area can be brought under Tulsi cultivation. Natural Remedies can give marketing support for this item.
We welcome you to visit our R&D centre near Electronic city, whenever you are there in Bangalore, next time.

Thanking you,

With regards,


Head-Agronomy Dept